What’s Making Me Happy This Week 1/30/13

happy scrabble

It’s been a few weeks… let’s see…

  • Last week, two movies in the theatre – both great and worth seeing!  “The Impossible” with Marissa with Wehrenberg free popcorn Wednesdays and “Silver Linings Playbook” with Deadra with matinee junkies in the suburbs!  I can’t wait to see “Silver Linings Playbook” AGAIN.  I can’t wait to buy it!
  • Braving the ice to have a Walkie Talkie and HuHot at the mall!
  • Quiet and relaxing days away from work – maybe I’m getting my reading-groove back!
  • Foursquare chats with Troy – love that I’m his only follower!  Love living vicariously through him – and can’t wait to get back to NYC to get some check-ins with him!
  • Good food, good wine, good movies and good chats with Deadra during her recovery from foot surgery last week – with some great Just Dance moves, as well!
  • January has felt sort of “normal” – not super-booked, so I’m getting things done at home and I’m reading and I’m enjoying it!
  • Pride & Prejudice turned 200 this week!  Isn’t that amazing!
  • Going to Rushford and having choir cancelled – just a night on the couch with Mom and Marissa!

Looking forward to:

  • Hosting a Fiesta Baby Shower in a few weeks!
  • Going to work tonight (10:30PM) for my first day of Year Two at Mayo! Woot!
  • Groundhog’s Day – always a fun, obscure little holiday!
  • SocialICE is coming up soon!  Looking forward to listening to music and enjoying the Minnesota winter with beverages!
  • Finishing the BBC version of Pride & Prejudice… it’s just so good. I find myself smiling while watching it.
  • Starting “Gone with the Wind” and “The Great Gatsby” – hoping for good reading groove in February!
  • Gave Koni “Pride & Prejudice” to read – I will have to prod her along so we can talk about it!

I know there’s more, but that’s all for tonight!   Right now I’m happy that I will soon go find a drive-thru for one more cup of coffee to get me through the night! Have to recover quickly to work the weekend, so wish me luck!

What’s making you happy?


May 5 was the Kentucky Derby, and my friend (and fellow Walkie Talkie), Sarah, hosted her 3rd annual Derby party!  This year was a bonus event, as it turned into a Cinco de Mayo party, as well.  Cinco de Mayo is always fun to celebrate with my friend, Beth, so we made plans to attend the Cinco de Mayo Derby party together!  And there were stories…

First, the horse race is such fun!  Sarah informs us about the horses and the odds and the jockeys and the owners. I downloaded the iPad app for the Kentucky Derby and could read about the horses and the odds and the jockeys and the owners.  You can even place bets, if desired!  We placed bets at Sarah’s – shouting out the horses we wanted to bet upon – and the two minutes of the race are so exciting!  I chose two horses, because there weren’t enough of us to take all the horses.

Cover of "Daddy Long Legs"
Cover of Daddy Long Legs

I chose Daddy Long Legs (in honor of Fred Astaire), and he was disqualified, and I also chose Dullahan, and he came in 3rd!  I’ll Have Another came in first, and the host’s husband, Bennie, chose him.  More about Bennie later… Beth chose the 2nd place horse – Bodemeister.  We cheered, screamed, watched the replay, and then stopped drinking our Mint Juleps and moved on to Margaritas and Sangria!

We kept the hats on, because the hat-hair would have been horrendous!

Thankfully the rain cleared and we were able to move outside to enjoy some spring weather.  We had tacos and Sangria, there was a pinata filled with candy, and a firepit to sit around while enjoying all of the above.  We saw fireballs in the sky (yes, I read about them later!  It wasn’t fireworks that I saw after all!) and got a glimpse of the Super Moon later in the evening.  And we laughed.

We laughed at stories about the neighbors, about Super Bennie who is called upon to do the strangest things and goes without any questions, about the pizza and pineapple that were given as thanks for the help that Bennie gave, and it was a great time.

Can’t wait until next year.

Off to read!

A Walkie Walkie

Cover of "The Position: A Novel"
Cover of The Position: A Novel

Tonight Sarah and I mall walked and did a little planning of “what’s next.”  She’s reading “True Grit” and then going to see the movie.  She’s enjoying the book, so that will be on my TBR list.  She’s also working on “The Magicians.”  Then we’re going to read “The One,” and “Plain Truth.”  I’m gonna jump into “The Summer We Read Gatsby” and am listening to “Every Last One.” Then I’ll read “Plain Truth.”  Oh, it’s so fun to plan and dream about all the books we will read!

This morning I finished “The Position” by Meg Wolitzer.  It was ok.  Don’t know what else to say about it.  It’s about a couple who write a sex book in the 70s and how it affects their four children.  Then (as 10-17 year olds) and now (as adults).  It also is about the relationship of the couple and how it changed.  I’m not gonna recommend it to anyone, but I have a copy if anyone is interested!  🙂

Well, off to read!


Helen of Troy by Evelyn de Morgan (1898, Londo...
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Book club tonight was great, as always.  But I hate when weeks pass between finishing a book and book club!  And I didn’t get around to skimming or looking for discussion questions.  I get fuzzy on the details!  Merrit?  Who is that?  Phillip? Are you sure?  No, it’s Patrick – nubby sweater guy!  Ah… thank goodness we all know each other well enough that we can laugh at ourselves and not worry about impressing each other.  And of course, the food was yummy.  Nancy hosted and thought since Helen frequented a taco place we’d have tacos.  Good call.  Lovely margarita the perfect thing after a busy whirlwind day.

Thursday night will be Walkie Talkie night… I think we’re talking about Sarah’s Key?  The Virgin of Small Plains?  Maybe The Magicians?  I’m on disc 10 out of 14… will not quite finish by Thursday I think.  MUST GET ANOTHER AUDIO BOOK RESERVED!  Don’t want to listen to something stupid out of desperation.

I thought of a bunch more books to add to Sarah’s list.  But I didn’t write them down so now I’ll have to go back to find them.  I joined a Goodreads group and I’m getting idea after idea!  Yikes! So …

Off to read!