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Where has the time gone?*  Summer of 2016 is marching on.  Today is National Happiness Happens day (8/8/16), so I thought I needed to catch up on what has been making happy memories for the summer of 2016!  *the question I ask myself most frequently on the blog Gathering with friends and family: At graduations… Continue reading #HappinessHappens


A Summary of Summery Events!

Prepping for summer, the Cosmo Girls created a list of Summer Events in the area so that there is always a social event at the ready!  I typed up an excel sheet and emailed it to all, including the websites that provide further information, but I will post a condensed version here and trust that… Continue reading A Summary of Summery Events!

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What’s been making me happy…

February is in full swing… lots of fun things to look forward to!  But here’s a quick look back on January goodness…. In January I visited some new places: Bunny’s Bar & Grill in St. Louis Park – right around the corner from Marissa and Adam’s home is the local hangout.  Good food!  Went there… Continue reading What’s been making me happy…

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It’s 2014 – and other things making me happy…

Time… keeps marching, doesn’t it? Here’s a list of things that have made me happy since Christmas – Christmas with the family on the Ponderosa.  A snowfall, a bonfire, good food and laughs with family.  Bliss. “Phantom of the Opera” at the Orpheum with Marissa and my mom (and Mo’s friend, Tricia).  The music didn’t… Continue reading It’s 2014 – and other things making me happy…

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12.24.13 What’s Making Me Happy

Merry Christmas everyone!  It has been so long since I posted (more than a month!) and I’ve done many things, so I’ll try to catch up with a whirlwind post of what’s making me happy: I love firsts – even the first day of winter!  It means the days are getting longer and we are… Continue reading 12.24.13 What’s Making Me Happy

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Yes.  I’ve been absent from my blog for a while.  Life has been busy – and good! In September I went to a few football games under the Friday night lights and in the steamy heat of a Saturday – ah, September in MN I spent time with friends, sitting in the creek with margaritas on that… Continue reading 45

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Before Midnight: I was so excited to learn that another Linklater movie was going to come out this summer… and it did not disappoint! In 1995, “Before Sunrise” came out – a small independent movie about a couple who meet on a train and have one night in Vienna. In 2004, “Before Sunset” came out… Continue reading Before…

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44 Things: Q2

Goodness… we’re tripping right along into the end of March, aren’t we?  How did that happen?  I was feeling unsuccessful in my 44 Things: Q2, until I looked at it.  I guess I’m not doing too badly – which is what happens when you simply document “things to look forward to” with a few added… Continue reading 44 Things: Q2

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First Monday in 2013!

The New Year feel has settled in.  I think I’ve already gotten used to typing 2013 at work!   So now it’s time to think about my 2nd quarter of 11 fun things to do and look forward to! (I think it needs a new name! It’s so cumbersome! 44 Things Quarter 2?)  My FALL… Continue reading First Monday in 2013!

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12/21/12: What’s Making Me Happy This Week

12/21 is the date of the Winter Solstice this year.  I love to find a reason to celebrate daily, so I will find some way to honor the shortest day of the year – a short walk in the early dark? lighting a candle when I get home? searching for sunshiney foods in the cafeteria… Continue reading 12/21/12: What’s Making Me Happy This Week