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October’s End

October.  Where did it go? Just think, 30 days ago I was celebrating my birthday in NYC and there were so many other adventures this month! I love October, so I’m sad to see it go, but autumn continues and my favorite holiday – Thanksgiving – will be here before I know it! Here’s a… Continue reading October’s End

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What’s Making Me Happy This Week…

A few things from last week: The feeling of a weekend from the “olden days.”  Not sure what I mean by that, except that since I’ve started a crazy work schedule, real weekends are rare and haven’t included much baking or cleaning or just relaxing in front of the TV.  Last Thursday and Friday I… Continue reading What’s Making Me Happy This Week…

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It feels like a weekend!

These last two days have been relaxing and semi-productive – a nice mixture!  I haven’t had a “weekend” at home in a long time, and I haven’t had two days off in a row where I haven’t over-scheduled myself. Ah… This has been nice!  Except it makes me sad that it’s coming to a close.… Continue reading It feels like a weekend!

Writing for Fun

Autumn Adventures Abound

You may remember that last November Kristine and I (along with two strangers who became friends) won grand prize at Irish Table Trivia!  We won a bunch of cheese that we shared between the 4 of us and then we divvied up the rest of the prizes, with Kristine and I graciously accepting the two night stay… Continue reading Autumn Adventures Abound