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New York City, January 2014

One more trip to NYC is in the books, and the city never disappoints.  Nor does the company.  Troy and Luis make it so easy to be there.  I was barely recovered from the sleep deprivation before I started thinking about when I’d like to go back again! And this time I had the pleasure… Continue reading New York City, January 2014

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Yes.  I’ve been absent from my blog for a while.  Life has been busy – and good! In September I went to a few football games under the Friday night lights and in the steamy heat of a Saturday – ah, September in MN I spent time with friends, sitting in the creek with margaritas on that… Continue reading 45

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And I’m Ready to Go!

I’m excited for the adventures to come this week! Adventures begin Saturday with Kieran’s Irish Pub and First Ave for Glen Hansard!  I’m excited to see him in concert for the second time!  Someone was tweeting during a concert in Washington DC last week and they were amazed so I am prepared to be amazed.… Continue reading And I’m Ready to Go!

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Friday Night Lights!

I just started creating collages of photos that I have taken with my phone.   A little late to the game? Probably. Does my phone take collage-worthy photos? Probably not.  Is my phone battery conducive to relying on it for memorializing my day?  Ack.  No way. Is my day too trivial to be memorialized?  Debatable… Continue reading Friday Night Lights!

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40 Things (19)

Following along with Boof‘s 40 Day Challenge leading up to her 40th birthday, her 19th topic is: 19) A book that scared me Almost halfway there!  🙂 Not sure of the difference between being scared and being creeped out.  I don’t like either one and tend to avoid books (and movies and TV shows and… Continue reading 40 Things (19)