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Table Trivia Night

I am not Irish.  Not one bit.  But I have always been drawn to Irish things – books, music, movies, and authors.  Last Labor Day weekend I talked my brother and sis-in-law into going to the Irish Fest downtown Rochester and we had a great time!  We ate some Irish stew and drank some Irish… Continue reading Table Trivia Night

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What I’ve been Up to!

It’s been nearly a week since I last posted!  Wow.  I’ve looked at the “new post” page over the week and haven’t had too much to say.  I had an enjoyable four days and three nights babysitting in St. Paul and had some good quality reading time while there.  I finished a few books so… Continue reading What I’ve been Up to!

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Sense of Adventure & Sense of Direction

Sense of Direction: Change of Pace Once again, I lapsed on posting daily.  It’s been a fun three weeks posting with these five Senses, but I think I am going to pause and only post when I have grand things to say. 🙂  I will keep the Senses as topics but won’t be as rigid… Continue reading Sense of Adventure & Sense of Direction

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Sense of Humor: Things that make me laugh

Lots of things make me laugh, and I tend to seek out lightness, goodness, and comedy.  I made a list of all of the TV shows that I want to watch in a week (being cableless makes you purposeful!) and I think only one show is not a comedy – Parenthood – but it is… Continue reading Sense of Humor: Things that make me laugh

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Sense of Self: I am…

a procrastinator. and a thinker. Sometimes it may look like I’m getting little done, but my brain is quietly mulling things over, planning, putting ideas and words together. Problem-solving. I am not as much of a procrastinator as I used to be, but it still happens occasionally. It’s part of who I am! Off to… Continue reading Sense of Self: I am…

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Sense of Connection: Readalongs

As you know, I’m participating in the Anna Karenina readalong, hosted by Wallace.  It’s fun to read at the same pace as a group of people and to have discussions along the way.  Especially with the size of this book! The Walkie Talkie Book Club was founded on readalongs, really.  My friend, Beth, and I… Continue reading Sense of Connection: Readalongs

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Sense of Direction: Clear Purpose

I didn’t get my Friday post written until today.  Fridays are always such busy days!  And Thursday was a busy day as well, with Cosmo Girls in the evening! Cosmo Girls was a great amount of fun, with almost all of us in attendance, and an amazing woman teaching us about natural soaps and skin… Continue reading Sense of Direction: Clear Purpose

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Sense of Adventure: What would you attempt to do if…

I’ve seen this on paperweights and wall hangings and t-shirts.  It’s an important question and one that I ask myself.  But what is failure? Getting rejected or turned down? I think I’ve gotten pretty good at rolling with that, and it’s no longer what stops me from trying something. Not doing something perfectly? I’ve always… Continue reading Sense of Adventure: What would you attempt to do if…

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Books: a two-fer

Vaclav and Lena: A Novel I listened to this story on audio and I really think that it added to the experience. There were two narrators (although mostly one) and there were accents (done well) and there was a lot of emotions put into the reading. Two children, best friends at 9 years old, living… Continue reading Books: a two-fer