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In 2012…

In 2012 – Life changed pretty drastically for me, with my (wonderful) new job!  Aside from  having a lot to learn about social work in the hospital setting (specifically Emergency Department), the unpredictable and crazy hours have caused the need  for creativity and flexibility in getting in the fun stuff!  But, never fear. I still… Continue reading In 2012…

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12/21/12: What’s Making Me Happy This Week

12/21 is the date of the Winter Solstice this year.  I love to find a reason to celebrate daily, so I will find some way to honor the shortest day of the year – a short walk in the early dark? lighting a candle when I get home? searching for sunshiney foods in the cafeteria… Continue reading 12/21/12: What’s Making Me Happy This Week

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I hope…

that the presents I ordered online (some as late as yesterday!) arrive in time for Christmas that I get busy and am productive on one of my only days off until Christmas (1. finish shopping 2. start wrapping 3. make cardamom cookies) that someone comes and helps me drink all of the wine I’ve purchased… Continue reading I hope…

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Couldn’t let the day go by without noting the wonderful symmetry of the date. I’ve seen today celebrated as Soundcheck Day (1..2..1..2..1..2..) Dozen Dozen Dozen day (roses or donuts, your choice!) and I guess it’s a great day to get married (anyone?). AND it’s 12 days to Christmas (eve) today, as well!  The countdown begins!… Continue reading 12.12.12

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What a Difference…

Only a few weeks left in 2012. Tonight I was looking back in my computer to see if I wrote any kind of “end of year wrap up” for 2011 and found nothing but revisions of resumes and cover letters dated 2011.  I guess that’s where my mind was last year at this time!  What… Continue reading What a Difference…


Friday Film Footnotes

I’m gearing up for the good movies coming out this holiday season!  Here’s a brief re-cap of movies I’ve seen since the last Friday Footnote – In the Theatre: Life of Pi 3D (matinee on New Car Day!) – I was hesitant to get excited about this because I loved the book and couldn’t figure… Continue reading Friday Film Footnotes

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It Was Time.

It was a good car. I’d been balking at the idea of trading it in and was contemplating getting it fixed, but the list of things needing repair kept getting longer and longer, so it boiled down to getting a loan to fix it up or bite the bullet and get a car payment. This… Continue reading It Was Time.