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Book and Movie Updates

I am so lucky to live very close to a great movie theatre in Rochester and once a year they host an International Film Festival. It started last Friday and runs through Thursday. For the past few years I have tried to go to at least a few movies during the festival.  Memorably, I saw… Continue reading Book and Movie Updates

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Starting a Commonplace Book

April 30.  How did it happen that we’re here already?  Very crazy. I was trying to figure out a way to honor the last day of Poetry Month and was reading 30 things to do in Poetry Month.  One of the things to do was to start a ‘commonplace book.’ It sounds exactly like what… Continue reading Starting a Commonplace Book

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World Book Night is here!

The books are ready to be in someone else’s hands!  World Book Night is here!  The date was chosen because it is the date of William Shakespeare’s birth, and what better way to celebrate by putting good books into the hands of light or non-readers.  I chose to give “The Book Thief,” because it is… Continue reading World Book Night is here!

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Haiku for You!

Again, in honor of poetry month, another example of words that make me smile.   Haiku is traditionally written in the 5-7-5 syllable formation and is meant to evoke a feeling or sensation or to describe something.  It can be a powerful meditation or be silly fun.  There is a haiku category on craigslist, mixed… Continue reading Haiku for You!

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Poems of Love

Last night I was browsing the internet for unique wedding gifts, especially literary wedding gifts, and I was reminded of this great poem.  The poem was made famous to me by the book and movie “In Her Shoes,” and I found a tiny dish that has the final words stamped on it: “i carry your… Continue reading Poems of Love

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Things that Made Me Smile…

I don’t know what it is about April, but I love it.  Maybe it’s because April 1st is six months from my October 1st birthday, so I feel a yin and yang or something. It’s a transition month, moving from winter into full-on spring. It’s poetry month, and I once wrote a poem about April… Continue reading Things that Made Me Smile…