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40 Things…

Boof at the Book Whisperer turns the big 4-0 this year and is counting down to her birthday in October (shortly after mine!) with a 40 Day Book Challenge!  I think I’ll play along (when I can) and also will write about my own list of “40 things to do before I turn 40” from a… Continue reading 40 Things…

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Book: The Piano Teacher by Janice Y.K. Lee

This book takes place in two different decades in Hong Kong, 1943 and 1953.  It describes the lives of the people from many countries who live in Hong Kong, the atrocities that happened during WWII, and how they survived. I liked this book but didn’t love it.  It puts into words more horrific details from… Continue reading Book: The Piano Teacher by Janice Y.K. Lee

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Books: Is Anybody Out There?

“Anybody Out There? (Walsh Family #4)” by Marian Keyes Eh. I listened to this book and think it would have been better as a quick read. The format is told with a lot of email messages, so consequently, there is a lot of: “to: so-and-so@such-and-such.ie.net from:someoneelse@somewhereelse.com re: another topic”. Would have been faster to skim… Continue reading Books: Is Anybody Out There?

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A flood story – on the anniversary

Below is a story that was written about Marissa and me after the flood.  College students were enlisted to interview people and to write the stories for a compilation, which I don’t believe has been published yet.  It’s hard to believe that it has been four years, as in some ways it seems like it… Continue reading A flood story – on the anniversary

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Books: Catching Up

I am simply doing a copy/paste job from goodreads.  Much faster way to keep updated on the books I’m reading. Saw “The Help” movie tonight and it was awesome.  I’ll try to write more about it later.  Good stuff. The Housekeeper and the Professor by Yoko Ogawa, Stephen Snyder (Translator) Another sweet, quick read! A… Continue reading Books: Catching Up

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Books: For when you need a life coach

I received the book, “Where Will You Go From Here?” by Valorie Burton, through Blogging For Books. I chose this book over the others offered because of the subtitle: Moving Forward when Life Doesn’t Go As Planned.  It seemed appropriate that I get some advice as I move through this latest life change.  I am… Continue reading Books: For when you need a life coach

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The Girl Who Fell From the Sky

I’m trying to figure out how to get goodreads to update my blog, but it’s not gonna happen. And I hate the thought of not posting about a book that I read! This book came from Sarah and it was a sweet little read! My Goodreads review: I really enjoyed this book. it was a… Continue reading The Girl Who Fell From the Sky

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School Library Days

I read a lot of book blogs and someone posted some questions about memories related to school and books.  I have a lot of memories about reading when younger, so I’ll answer a few of the questions – and hope you will too! What’s your favorite bookish school memory? Did your teacher read aloud to… Continue reading School Library Days

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The Art of French Kissing

Not a how-to manual, but a cute little read about a girl, almost 30, whose life appears to be crumbling around her – her fiance’ cancels the wedding and kicks her out of their home and she loses her job in PR with a Boy Band record label. So when her friend from college offers… Continue reading The Art of French Kissing