What’s Making Me Happy 8.31.13

Since it’s the last day of “Happiness Happens Month,” August 2013, I wanted to get one more Happiness post in!  It’s been a light blogging month, because so much fun has been going on!  Many of the items listed below are worthy of their own posts, and I will work on that in September.  So… Continue reading What’s Making Me Happy 8.31.13

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and it’s 2012!

Well I set my Goodreads goal for the number of books to read in 2012 (70) and that’s the only goal or thought I’ve put into goals so far.  It doesn’t mean I won’t “resolve” to do other things, I guess it means that I’m just working on each day as it comes and not… Continue reading and it’s 2012!

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If you like reading this blog…

I don’t think I’m going to continue linking my blog to facebook, so if you are enjoying my posts, please “subscribe!”  It’s simple – if you click through to the blog, there is a box in the upper right corner where you put in your email address and then the blog will be emailed to… Continue reading If you like reading this blog…

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BBAW Day 2 – Blogger Interview!

Day 2 of Book Blogger Appreciation Week 2011 – This year’s theme is Cultivating a Community of Bloggers and Readers.  Today’s topic is blogger interview swap.  My interview partner is Linda from Silly Little Mischief ( http://sillylittlemischief.blogspot.com/). When I looked at her blog, I was amazed at her history – quite a lot to see and… Continue reading BBAW Day 2 – Blogger Interview!

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BBAW – Day 1

This week is Book Blogging Appreciation Week – year four!  I’m not sure I will participate in all of the daily topics, because I am trying to do the 40 things with Boof and another post per day may be a bit much, but you never know! A great majority of the blogs that I… Continue reading BBAW – Day 1

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I added links to my page with some of the blogs that I “subscribe” to. I only included BOOK blogs, although I do subscribe to others that I really enjoy. Maybe that’ll be another list sometime. I feel like I’m kind of hodge-podgey in my subscriptions to blogs – whether or not I’m “following” via… Continue reading Blogs