BBAW – Day 1

This week is Book Blogging Appreciation Week – year four!  I’m not sure I will participate in all of the daily topics, because I am trying to do the 40 things with Boof and another post per day may be a bit much, but you never know!

A great majority of the blogs that I read daily/weekly are book blogs.  I attempt to keep up with 79 blogs and am in awe of those who keep up with hundreds.  How does that happen???

Today’s BBAW topic is about community – giving a shout-out to those blogs that you admire, aspire to be, turn to for advice, or feel connected to.  I feel new to the book blog scene (just over a year) and the amount of bloggers out there overwhelms me.  (Maybe I need a new format to read them??)

A few that I can relate to and read frequently have ties to Minnesota, so I’ll name them first!

Book Snob is new to me, but discovered when she posted about a book that I read and loved this summer – The Girl in the Garden.  She is a Minnesota blogger (and the book was written by a MN native) and I’ve really enjoyed everything she has posted!  There’s so much to see on her blog!

Sheila at Book Journey is also living in Minnesota – up nort’, I believe.  It’s fun to read about her crazy-busy life as well as her perspective on books.

Mari at Bookworm with a View has moved a few times but I believe has ties to Minnesota. I discovered Mari through Lian at the Chaos Chronicles and have followed her probably the longest!  We have similar tastes in books and she also has some pretty fun adventures.

Obviously I’ve been following Boof quite closely at the Book Whisperer, and have been playing along with her 40 things challenge lately.  What fun it has been!  And I’ve just met Linda at Silly Little Mischief through BBAW’s Book Blogging Interview Swap.  She interviewed me and I interviewed her, and our posts will be up tomorrow.  We also have a lot of books in common.

Good stuff, blogging!  And now…

Off to read!

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