What’s Making Me Happy 4/30/13

The first thing that is making me happy is the date!  I love that it’s the 1st of May tomorrow – all 1sts are great! – and I love that I have one more opportunity to plug Poetry Month!  Poetry makes me happy!  Here’s a flowchart (courtesy of Book Riot) to help you choose one… Continue reading What’s Making Me Happy 4/30/13

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Of a Weekend…

Ah… Days off with nothing firm scheduled are the best!  I went out with work colleagues for a late dinner, watched a niece play volleyball, drank coffee in the sunshine (a rare and welcome sight!), shopped and bought TWO pairs of shoes, got a pedicure, cuddled on my couch with my nephew and watched “Wreck… Continue reading Of a Weekend…


What’s Making Me Happy 4/16/13

Ah, a day off with little sleep.  Hopefully tonight I will sleep soundly, waking refreshed for a long work day! But here’s what’s making me happy: Getting through overnights at work is always good… another month until it happens again!   I finished “Gone with the Wind” last night!  Woot!  It was a great book,… Continue reading What’s Making Me Happy 4/16/13

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The 4.11

So what’s the 411? Does anyone say that anymore?  Does anyone call information anymore? What info can I give you today… Musinex is my friend!  I think that it has helped me feel better faster.  Crazy, eh?   I work overnights this weekend so I’m in self-indulgent mode – gonna stay in  my pajamas as… Continue reading The 4.11

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Snapshot of a Sunday 4/7/13

I am thankful that I didn’t make a lot of plans for my weekend off.  I was so looking forward to having three days in a row off – Friday, Saturday AND Sunday! So when I woke Thursday morning feeling a little stuffy and scratchy and sniffly, I hoped it wasn’t true.  I bought salt… Continue reading Snapshot of a Sunday 4/7/13

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What’s Making Me Happy (First of April 2013!)

Happy April!  Happy April Fool’s Day!       I’ve always loved the 1st of a new month and I feel great affinity with April 1st, as it’s my half birthday! (Really, who celebrates such a thing? I guess I do! )   April is kind of the yin to my yang or something.  … Continue reading What’s Making Me Happy (First of April 2013!)