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Are there any book blogs that you subscribe to and read regularly?  Besides this one, I mean? 🙂 I read http://www.bookwormwithaview.com (she just reviewed the Girls from Ames this week!).  It’s amazing how many books she gets through… crazy. Just found tlcbooktours.com so I’ll explore that a bit more.  They have giveaways every month and… Continue reading Book Blogs

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I just started “The Girls from Ames,” and I’m excited to read it and think about my own friendships.  I’ve been doing a lot of thinking about that lately, anyway, so maybe it’ll give me clarification? or maybe it’ll just confuse and cause melancholia!  or maybe it’ll inspire reconnection and reaching out.  At any rate,… Continue reading Friends

Book Club Books 2010


A beautiful walk around Silver Lake today for the Rochester Walkie Talkies!  It was mostly a Talkie about things other than “The Glass Castle,” but a little discussion was held.  I just finished the book and am still processing my anger at the parents.  One of the discussion questions below is about her ability to… Continue reading Judgments

Book Club Books 2010

“The Glass Castle” discussion questions *** SPOILERS (for me!)

Caution! It is likely that the following questions will reveal, or at least allude to, key plot details. Therefore, if you haven’t yet read this book, but are planning on doing so, you may wish to proceed with caution to avoid spoiling your later enjoyment. Though The Glass Castle is brimming with unforgettable stories, which… Continue reading “The Glass Castle” discussion questions *** SPOILERS (for me!)

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Get-To-Know-You Questions

One of my favorite books was written by my “friends,” the Satellite Sisters. They had an amazing upbringing and each contributed chapters to the book. Most people know that I have followed the Sisters since I read the book – their radio show, their radio show on podcast, then after the demise of the show,… Continue reading Get-To-Know-You Questions

Book Club Books 2010 · General Book Talk

Must Get Reading!

It’s been a blur of busy-ness this last week and I finally finished March O Magazine!  But have barely started on “The Glass Castle”!  At least it’s been a fun busy!  Watching the kids, watching Bon Jovi, watching “Whip It,” watching the Des Moines Derby Dames, watching the highway go by under my tires… 🙂… Continue reading Must Get Reading!

Book Club Books 2010

I want the other ending!

Another nice night at book club – we grabbed the book (“Friday Night Knitting Club”) off the shelves at B&N for the discussion questions and discussed our likes and dislikes about the book – and then walked! My personal dislike of the book happened when the whole cancer thing happened.  Blah.  I didn’t want the… Continue reading I want the other ending!