Must Get Reading!

It’s been a blur of busy-ness this last week and I finally finished March O Magazine!  But have barely started on “The Glass Castle”!  At least it’s been a fun busy!  Watching the kids, watching Bon Jovi, watching “Whip It,” watching the Des Moines Derby Dames, watching the highway go by under my tires… 🙂

I have been listening to an audiobook during all that car time.  It’s certainly not great literature, but light and breezy.  It takes a lot of time to listen to an audiobook – this one is about 10 hours.  I’m listening to too many great podcasts lately so my book listening has dramatically decreased.  As an ‘uber’ visual person, it really is funny how I have trained my brain to listen to audiobooks.  I’ve listened to a lot of memorable stories, including “Bel Canto,” “The Poisonwood Bible,” “The Red Tent,” “The Life of Pi,” and many books by Bill Bryson.  I was having trouble finding books at the Rushford Public Library that I wanted to listen to, as I’d already read many of those that I was interested in, so it’s fun to download audiobooks to my iPod from the Rochester Public Library.  I haven’t downloaded any great and memorable books yet, but I’ll keep looking!

Any favorite or memorable audiobooks?

Well, off to read!

What do you think about that?

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