What’s Making Me Happy 8.31.13

Since it’s the last day of “Happiness Happens Month,” August 2013, I wanted to get one more Happiness post in!  It’s been a light blogging month, because so much fun has been going on!  Many of the items listed below are worthy of their own posts, and I will work on that in September.  So… Continue reading What’s Making Me Happy 8.31.13

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What’s Making Me Happy 8.8.13

It is the 14th annual Happiness Happens day today, sponsored by the Secret Society of Happy People!  Thought I’d do a quick “what’s making me happy” list to commemorate. The Timehop app makes me so happy.  I know I’ve mentioned it before (haven’t I?) but it’s an app that shows my social media posts from… Continue reading What’s Making Me Happy 8.8.13



It’s not for nothing that I have HAPPINESS as a blog category and my most read posts are about happiness.  I read about happiness, look for happiness, and subscribe to the belief that our attitude determines our happiness.  So I am taking part of 2013 Happiness Happens Month with the Secret Society of Happy People… Continue reading Happiness

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“Like a Superbowl for Book Lovers!”

A few months ago I had the idea that I wanted to get together the various random people I know that love to talk about books and reading.  Not to talk about one book in particular, but to talk about why we became people who love to read and discuss books!  I thought I would… Continue reading “Like a Superbowl for Book Lovers!”