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It’s not for nothing that I have HAPPINESS as a blog category and my most read posts are about happiness.  I read about happiness, look for happiness, and subscribe to the belief that our attitude determines our happiness.  So I am taking part of 2013 Happiness Happens Month with the Secret Society of Happy People for the second or third year in a row.  I also joined a group called Happsters – like hipsters, but happier – and have business cards to hand out when someone does something to make me happy.  Both have members only facebook pages where people talk about – what else? – happiness!  I get quotes sent to my inbox daily from Gretchen Rubin at the Happiness Project and I collect quotes about happiness.

Tomorrow – August 8 – is the 24 hour HappyThon, encouraged by the Society of Happy People.  I’m working overnights, but I’m going to do my best to tweet happy quotes, think happy thoughts, and do things that make me happy.

Secret Society of Happy People
Secret Society of Happy People

So what about you?  What makes you happy?  Where do you get your happiness inspiration?  Do you have favorite websites or happiness quotes?

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