What’s Making Me Happy 4/30/13

The first thing that is making me happy is the date!  I love that it’s the 1st of May tomorrow – all 1sts are great! – and I love that I have one more opportunity to plug Poetry Month!  Poetry makes me happy!  Here’s a flowchart (courtesy of Book Riot) to help you choose one… Continue reading What’s Making Me Happy 4/30/13

Writing for Fun

11/11 What’s Making me Happy This Week

Symmetry in dates – 11/11 and 11/11/12! A weekend off! Sunshiny weather on my day off Thursday – and being out and about during the daylight!  Durn daylight savings time! Wearing capris in November – one more warm burst for a bit! Poetry reading with the girls – from Shel Silverstein to to e.e. cummings… Continue reading 11/11 What’s Making me Happy This Week

Stuff About Me

Starting a Commonplace Book

April 30.  How did it happen that we’re here already?  Very crazy. I was trying to figure out a way to honor the last day of Poetry Month and was reading 30 things to do in Poetry Month.  One of the things to do was to start a ‘commonplace book.’ It sounds exactly like what… Continue reading Starting a Commonplace Book

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Haiku for You!

Again, in honor of poetry month, another example of words that make me smile.   Haiku is traditionally written in the 5-7-5 syllable formation and is meant to evoke a feeling or sensation or to describe something.  It can be a powerful meditation or be silly fun.  There is a haiku category on craigslist, mixed… Continue reading Haiku for You!

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Poems of Love

Last night I was browsing the internet for unique wedding gifts, especially literary wedding gifts, and I was reminded of this great poem.  The poem was made famous to me by the book and movie “In Her Shoes,” and I found a tiny dish that has the final words stamped on it: “i carry your… Continue reading Poems of Love

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Things that Made Me Smile…

I don’t know what it is about April, but I love it.  Maybe it’s because April 1st is six months from my October 1st birthday, so I feel a yin and yang or something. It’s a transition month, moving from winter into full-on spring. It’s poetry month, and I once wrote a poem about April… Continue reading Things that Made Me Smile…

General Book Talk

A. A. Milne – Now We Are Six

Last night before I went to bed, I read that it was A. A. Milne’s birthday – January 18, 1882.  I have always been a huge fan and still count “Now We Are Six” as one of my favorite books.  It was given to me as a gift when I turned six and it has… Continue reading A. A. Milne – Now We Are Six