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44 Things – Quarter 4

Yes, Quarter 4.  In a few months I will be having another birthday!  I have been so busy lately that I haven’t had much time for self-reflection, so I haven’t completed this thought yet.  Let’s see what comes of it for now… 44 Things: Q4 – Things to DO or LOOK FORWARD TO! (July, August,… Continue reading 44 Things – Quarter 4


What’s Making Me Happy 4/16/13

Ah, a day off with little sleep.  Hopefully tonight I will sleep soundly, waking refreshed for a long work day! But here’s what’s making me happy: Getting through overnights at work is always good… another month until it happens again!   I finished “Gone with the Wind” last night!  Woot!  It was a great book,… Continue reading What’s Making Me Happy 4/16/13

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The 4.11

So what’s the 411? Does anyone say that anymore?  Does anyone call information anymore? What info can I give you today… Musinex is my friend!  I think that it has helped me feel better faster.  Crazy, eh?   I work overnights this weekend so I’m in self-indulgent mode – gonna stay in  my pajamas as… Continue reading The 4.11


What’s Making Me Happy This Week 1/30/13

It’s been a few weeks… let’s see… Last week, two movies in the theatre – both great and worth seeing!  “The Impossible” with Marissa with Wehrenberg free popcorn Wednesdays and “Silver Linings Playbook” with Deadra with matinee junkies in the suburbs!  I can’t wait to see “Silver Linings Playbook” AGAIN.  I can’t wait to buy… Continue reading What’s Making Me Happy This Week 1/30/13

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In 2012…

In 2012 – Life changed pretty drastically for me, with my (wonderful) new job!  Aside from  having a lot to learn about social work in the hospital setting (specifically Emergency Department), the unpredictable and crazy hours have caused the need  for creativity and flexibility in getting in the fun stuff!  But, never fear. I still… Continue reading In 2012…