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Things to Do in 2012

Now that I have some ‘certainty’ in my life, I have been able to think about the things that I would like to do in 2012.  Not really New Year’s Resolutions, but more of a To Do list. I’m sure I’ll add to it, but right now I have: See Garrison Keillor at the Fitzgerald… Continue reading Things to Do in 2012

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Last Day of Being Unemployed

Last day of UNEMPLOYMENT Things I Won’t Miss:   That nagging feeling that I should be chained to the computer searching or any of the many job search sites I checked That nagging feeling that I should be out networking and hob-nobbing That nagging feeling that I should be sending another email or making… Continue reading Last Day of Being Unemployed


Ah, Oscar Season!

This morning the nominations were announced and you’d better believe it was the first thing I read!  As I’ve said before, the Academy Awards are like my Superbowl! Nine movies are nominated for Best Picture and I have seen seven of them – so far.  One more is in my possession to watch on DVD… Continue reading Ah, Oscar Season!

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World Book Night

I signed up to be a “giver” on World Book Night in April. I read about it on another book blog and when I looked into it further, I thought it was a worthy and great thing!  The goal is to get copies (20 per giver) of a great book in the hands of non-readers… Continue reading World Book Night

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One more week…

January 30 I start my new job.  I simply cannot wait!  It has been 8 months that I have been unemployed.  Hard to believe!  But now I’m just tickled to be starting.  I went on Friday for pre-employment stuff – health and drug screening, HR form-filling, and information about the two days of general orientation… Continue reading One more week…

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A. A. Milne – Now We Are Six

Last night before I went to bed, I read that it was A. A. Milne’s birthday – January 18, 1882.  I have always been a huge fan and still count “Now We Are Six” as one of my favorite books.  It was given to me as a gift when I turned six and it has… Continue reading A. A. Milne – Now We Are Six

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What a difference a week makes.  Last Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday I was holding my breath every time the phone rang. My mind was not engaged in many things that I was doing.  Last Wednesday I grocery shopped, Target shopped, emptied and cleaned the refrigerator, emptied and cleaned the cupboards, sorted and shredded mail… and then… Continue reading Phew!

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Author: “The Paris Wife”

I love to meet authors, or if I can’t meet them personally, to listen to them speak about their books and their passion for writing.  I find it fascinating. In the beginning of December I noticed a sign at the Rochester Public Library that Paula McLain, author of “The Paris Wife” was going to be… Continue reading Author: “The Paris Wife”

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Books: Flood and Food

The first book I read in 2012 was one written by and about the Rushford Volunteer Fire Department and their response to the flood of 2007.  Their thoughts were collected by Bonnie Flaig Prinsen and the book was published with help from the Rushford Community Foundation.  It is a great document for posterity and it… Continue reading Books: Flood and Food

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and it’s 2012!

Well I set my Goodreads goal for the number of books to read in 2012 (70) and that’s the only goal or thought I’ve put into goals so far.  It doesn’t mean I won’t “resolve” to do other things, I guess it means that I’m just working on each day as it comes and not… Continue reading and it’s 2012!