World Book Night

I signed up to be a “giver” on World Book Night in April.

I read about it on another book blog and when I looked into it further, I thought it was a worthy and great thing!  The goal is to get copies (20 per giver) of a great book in the hands of non-readers or light readers on April 23 (UNESCO’s International Day of the Book – the date Shakespeare and Cervantes died).  There was a list of books to choose from and it is important to choose a book that you are passionate about sharing with others – which was pretty easy for me!  I could have easily picked 6 or 7 on the list that I have loved and have recommended to others already.

The Book Thief
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I chose “The Book Thief” as my first choice, because I think that, although there are endless stories about the Holocaust, they are all worthy of hearing so we never forget.  I chose “Bel Canto” and “Little Bee” as my second and third choices, because they are just wonderful books that really touched me emotionally.  Just so great.

The deadline to sign up is February 1 and they will be notifying people mid-February if they are chosen to be givers of books and more details on where to pick up the books.  Click below if you’re interested!

Off to read!

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