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Read up, everyone!

Finished “The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo” today.  Loved it.  It was a slow starter but once I got into it I didn’t want to stop!  I’m so tempted to break my rule of not seeing a movie for a few years after reading the book, since the movie is playing for this week only… Continue reading Read up, everyone!

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“The Girl…”

with the Dragon Tattoo” is the book we’re reading now.  It took me about 50 pages to get into it, but now I can’t wait to sleep in and read in the morning!  The movie is coming to Rochester next weekend.  It looked “hard,” so not sure it’s my type of book or movie, but… Continue reading “The Girl…”

Book Club Books 2010


Well, it’s not Monday.  😦  What did I do last night to forget to blog?  Oh yeah, make food and clean the kitchen!  Visit with the Grimsrud family!  Worthy things… Last week I met with my Fillmore Central book club at Los Gables in Fountain to discuss the Girls from Ames.  Most had similar reactions… Continue reading Sisterhood

Book Club Books 2010

“The Girls from Ames” discussion questions *** Possible spoilers

DISCUSSION QUESTIONS At the end of his Introduction, author Jeffrey Zaslow repeats a question posed to him: “Could a man ever really understand women’s friendships?” How would you answer that question? Do you think Zaslow succeeded in his attempt to portray and explain the Ames girls’ long-lasting bonds? Also in the Introduction, Zaslow explains the… Continue reading “The Girls from Ames” discussion questions *** Possible spoilers

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I have two new books on my bedside table:  “The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo” and “Best Friends Forever”!  I’m ready to dive into a story!  The last THREE books I’ve read were memoirs!  Crazy… Ann Bancroft, Jeannette Walls, and the Girls from Ames.  Good times, but I’m ready. I did find myself in tears… Continue reading Next!

Book Club Books 2010 · General Book Talk

If it’s Monday it must be…

time to blog!  There’s a movie in my queue with a similar name… “If it’s Tuesday this must be Belgium.” Just one of many movies in my queue… I’m still enjoying “The Girls from Ames,” but took time away from it this weekend to sit in a lawnchair at baseball games and read April’s Oprah… Continue reading If it’s Monday it must be…