“The Girl…”

with the Dragon Tattoo” is the book we’re reading now.  It took me about 50 pages to get into it, but now I can’t wait to sleep in and read in the morning!  The movie is coming to Rochester next weekend.  It looked “hard,” so not sure it’s my type of book or movie, but it’s keeping me interested.

Getting ready for a Girls’ Night Out on Thursday!  I’m very excited for the sequel to Sex and the City.  I remember that Sunday night feeling I’d get every Sunday June to October – “my” time, me and the girls.  And I remember how sad I was during the whole second part of the sixth season, knowing that it was nearing the end.  I cried at the end of every episode as it got close.  And the first movie did not disappoint at all – the smart writing continued and the girls were just larger than life.  This movie looks like it will be a blast as well!  I just cannot wait.  Although I can wait until Thursday rather than a midnight showing… just think it’ll be more enjoyable during regular living hours!

Well, off to watch more SATC episodes and then to read!  🙂

One thought on ““The Girl…”

  1. It’s just “GIRL WITH THE DRAGON TATTOO,” not “The Girl.” Mea culpa.

    And I just put the movie in my netflix queue (saving it) and it’s described as “MIND BENDING and VIOLENT.” hmmmm…

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