Well, it’s not Monday.  😦  What did I do last night to forget to blog?  Oh yeah, make food and clean the kitchen!  Visit with the Grimsrud family!  Worthy things…

Last week I met with my Fillmore Central book club at Los Gables in Fountain to discuss the Girls from Ames.  Most had similar reactions – not too interesting, slow, hard to keep track of the girls, etc.  I didn’t try to invest too much in the girls and found myself slightly irritated by some of them, although I did cry a few times, so had some investment in their lives.  But I did like reading about the importance of friendships for women.  I feel fortunate that I have a few “lifelong” friends.  I don’t see them often enough or talk often enough to some of them, but when we do talk there is an intimacy that is immediately brought back.

One of my goals for 2010 was to reconnect so I hope to be able to do that!  Creating that support network that keeps you young and healthy!  🙂

Who are your Satellite Sisters – the women that you connect with and who support you?

Off to read!

What do you think about that?

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