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I created an Italian holiday for myself last week and the weather wasn’t too cooperative!  Very very sultry and a little stormy, so I spent a lot of time inside the cabin with books and movies!  Not a bad way to spend time!  So I read a few books early in the week.  I finished… Continue reading Ferragosto

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When the Lights Go Out

First Advent and first candle is lit If there were a power outage, I would gather candles, my journals, a great book, and a glass of wine and I would spend quiet moments with words! I might write about things that are going on in my life, or I might write a few haikus on… Continue reading When the Lights Go Out

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I went to work with my mom…

Before I worked in restaurants, I used to go to work with my mom. She worked in an office and I would answer phones and help prepare mailings. Put on labels, sort by zip code, etc. I worked in the summers and on holiday breaks, as the office was 20 miles from our home. I… Continue reading I went to work with my mom…

Book Club Books 2010 · General Book Talk


I finished another book this morning.  This summer I have found myself staying in bed for HOURS in the morning to read.  I stay up way too late, watching movies or whatever, and fall asleep reading pretty quickly, so in the morning I’ll read for literally two hours before getting out of bed.  It’s a… Continue reading Next!

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The Movie That Moved Me

You Can Count on Me (2000) starring Mark Ruffalo and Laura Linney was a moving movie that everyone should see! Ok, maybe not everyone, but people who like movies about relationships. It was a moving portrayal of a brother and sister, and not the most functional brother and sister. She appears to have it all… Continue reading The Movie That Moved Me