I finished another book this morning.  This summer I have found myself staying in bed for HOURS in the morning to read.  I stay up way too late, watching movies or whatever, and fall asleep reading pretty quickly, so in the morning I’ll read for literally two hours before getting out of bed.  It’s a little ridiculous and indulgent, but I love it.

This morning I finished “Everything She Thought She Wanted.”  I’d read (or listened to) another book by this author and it was ok.  I liked this one better.  I liked the characters in the book and I was interested in what was going to happen.  If anything, I would have liked a little more insight into what was going to happen and the thoughts that went into the final decisions, but overall I would recommend the book.  It was one of those bargain books from B&N.  Gotta love a bargain!

So now I have a pile of books that I’m bringing with me for the week because I can’t decide what’s next.  It’s either “Water for Elephants” (most likely), “The Virgin of Small Plains” (a free book I got a couple of years ago) or “South of Broad” (the free book I got this year).  Or maybe it’ll be “The Sleeping Beauty Proposal,” which mom got free at work.  She said it was laugh out loud funny.  That sounds fun.  I also have to finish August’s O Magazine – maybe before September’s comes!  🙂

My goal for August is to write something everyday.  It might be a letter or a journal or a haiku or a blog.  So I signed up for Plinky, which is word prompts and kinda fun.  I set them up to post to this blog, so if you see random weirdness (whoever you are!) now you’ll know why.

Well, off to read!  Wonder what it’ll be…

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