General Book Talk

Ah, Maeve. *sigh*

I got a text this evening from a friend who said she thought of me when she heard the news of Maeve Binchy’s death today.  I hadn’t heard the news yet, so I was thankful to hear it from a friend!  I’ve written before on my blog about how Binchy’s books make me feel and… Continue reading Ah, Maeve. *sigh*


Again with the lists!

I was at Barnes & Noble the other night with my niece and I was captivated by these little notebooks.  It was a pack of four made to look like “dance cards” from Jane Austen novels.  I’m a sucker for things Austen and also like to have something to write on at any time, so… Continue reading Again with the lists!

Stuff About Me

Food and Healthy Eating

Last week I signed up for Seattle Sutton Healthy Eating program.  A few things were appealing to me:  there is no commitment required – you can order your plan week by week with no penalty for taking a break; you can also get the full 7 day week or you can get a 4 day… Continue reading Food and Healthy Eating

Stuff About Me

New York City 2012

Wow!  I’ve been home from NYC for a week now!  The trip was indescribable and a blur, much like the photo above!  I loved every minute:  loved every show, loved the time spent with friends, loved my sleeping accommodations, loved the nighttime, loved the walks, loved the musicals, loved the play, loved the theatre district… Continue reading New York City 2012