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More movie talk…

Last night I watched “The Girl Who Kicked the Hornet’s Nest” on Netflix.  I am disappointed that it didn’t come to the theatre in Rochester, making it the only one I didn’t get to see on the big screen.  I went to Dana’s house to watch it on his big screen, since I usually watch… Continue reading More movie talk…

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I think I figured it out!

Wow, this wasn’t as hard or as easy (!) as I thought it would be!  The poll was created but I thought it would be on the side, not in a post.  So I had to read a few ‘help’ blogs.  Maybe you can have an “everlasting” poll, but it appears that polls belong in… Continue reading I think I figured it out!

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Oscar Nominations

I heard them this week but didn’t absorb them fully.  I realize, as I look at the list right now, that I have seen 8 out of the 10 nominations!  I’m pretty amazed!  Some years I don’t come this close by half!  So, it will be a fun to watch the Oscar’s this year –… Continue reading Oscar Nominations

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A Little Tutorial!

Wow, tonight I was reading about blogging and snazzing up blogs.  How fun!  I went back and edited two posts but won’t do all of them, I promise. But from here on out, expect great things!  HA! They say one way to get more participation is through polls, so I might have to do some… Continue reading A Little Tutorial!

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Two book club meetings in one week!

That’s a good week! Tonight Sarah and I (the Rochester branch of the Walkie Talkies) did some mall walking and discussed not one, but TWO books!  We met a little later than initially planned so that Sarah could finish “The Virgin of Small Plains” by Nancy Pickard.  That was the book that I had to… Continue reading Two book club meetings in one week!

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Book club tonight was great, as always.  But I hate when weeks pass between finishing a book and book club!  And I didn’t get around to skimming or looking for discussion questions.  I get fuzzy on the details!  Merrit?  Who is that?  Phillip? Are you sure?  No, it’s Patrick – nubby sweater guy!  Ah… thank… Continue reading Helen

Book Club Book IDEAS

2011 Book Ideas

Here is a list that Sarah compiled for possible book club books.  She owns most of them or wants to read them.  Our plan for the next few weeks is: 1) Walk and discuss “Sarah’s Key” and “The Magicians” (by Lev Grossman) 2) “The Virgin of Small Plains” by Nancy Pickard and that book that… Continue reading 2011 Book Ideas

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Bloggiesta 2011!

All right, it’s Bloggiesta time!  I don’t think of myself as a true book blogger, but I think of my blogging as a way of talking about the books I’ve read not in a review format.  I use goodreads to keep track of the books and my ratings of them, and I am thankful for… Continue reading Bloggiesta 2011!