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Book club tonight was great, as always.  But I hate when weeks pass between finishing a book and book club!  And I didn’t get around to skimming or looking for discussion questions.  I get fuzzy on the details!  Merrit?  Who is that?  Phillip? Are you sure?  No, it’s Patrick – nubby sweater guy!  Ah… thank goodness we all know each other well enough that we can laugh at ourselves and not worry about impressing each other.  And of course, the food was yummy.  Nancy hosted and thought since Helen frequented a taco place we’d have tacos.  Good call.  Lovely margarita the perfect thing after a busy whirlwind day.

Thursday night will be Walkie Talkie night… I think we’re talking about Sarah’s Key?  The Virgin of Small Plains?  Maybe The Magicians?  I’m on disc 10 out of 14… will not quite finish by Thursday I think.  MUST GET ANOTHER AUDIO BOOK RESERVED!  Don’t want to listen to something stupid out of desperation.

I thought of a bunch more books to add to Sarah’s list.  But I didn’t write them down so now I’ll have to go back to find them.  I joined a Goodreads group and I’m getting idea after idea!  Yikes! So …

Off to read!

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