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And I’m Ready to Go!

I’m excited for the adventures to come this week! Adventures begin Saturday with Kieran’s Irish Pub and First Ave for Glen Hansard!  I’m excited to see him in concert for the second time!  Someone was tweeting during a concert in Washington DC last week and they were amazed so I am prepared to be amazed.… Continue reading And I’m Ready to Go!

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Our Musical Monday

Last Monday we had tickets to a unique concert experience.  A very cool musician was starting a Supper Club Tour – performing in people’s homes all across the United States with the concert-goers bringing the supper.  He is wrapping up the Midwest portion of his tour this weekend, I believe, and then starting the West… Continue reading Our Musical Monday

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Friday Night Lights!

I just started creating collages of photos that I have taken with my phone.   A little late to the game? Probably. Does my phone take collage-worthy photos? Probably not.  Is my phone battery conducive to relying on it for memorializing my day?  Ack.  No way. Is my day too trivial to be memorialized?  Debatable… Continue reading Friday Night Lights!


Again with the Movies

I guess my movie-going and movie-watching has slowed a little since early summer, but I have seen some great movies.  I think I saw the best one this weekend in the theater – “The Intouchables.”  This is a French gem which is based on true events about an affluent quadriplegic, Philippe, who hires Driss — a… Continue reading Again with the Movies

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A Little Bookish Post

I haven’t written about books for a while, mostly because I haven’t been a rock star in the book-reading department lately!  I spent a lot of my August reading time catching up on my magazine reading.  There is no way I will meet my already-modified reading goal for 2012, but I’m ok with that.  I’ve… Continue reading A Little Bookish Post