Bloggiesta 2011!

All right, it’s Bloggiesta time!  I don’t think of myself as a true book blogger, but I think of my blogging as a way of talking about the books I’ve read not in a review format.  I use goodreads to keep track of the books and my ratings of them, and I am thankful for that site!  I think of this blog as a way for the book club or anyone interested to talk about the books we’re reading, what we want to read, and when we’re going to read them.   I’d also love to hear about your favorite book or writing blogs!

I learned about Bloggiesta from Bookwork with a View blog.  Through Mari’s site I clicked through to Maw Books and learned more about Bloggiesta – as well as discovered a WHOLE BIG LIST OF MORE BOOK BLOGS!  Yikes!  I guess it’s a nice thing to do on a cold weekend in January.  Find more favorites to add to my daily check and maybe organize this blog better in the meantime!

One thing I’m not very good at is tagging or categorizing posts on here.  I’m also not good at adding media to posts to make them more interesting.  So, a list of things to do would include:

1) organize the categories and tags
2) figure out other tools available in wordpress and use more of them!

Well, all this talk of fiesta-ing makes me crave a margarita!  Might have to do something about that!  And then…

Off to read!
Happy Bloggiesta!

What do you think about that?

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