If it’s Monday it must be…

time to blog!  There’s a movie in my queue with a similar name… “If it’s Tuesday this must be Belgium.” Just one of many movies in my queue…

I’m still enjoying “The Girls from Ames,” but took time away from it this weekend to sit in a lawnchair at baseball games and read April’s Oprah magazine!  I really try to finish them in the month for which they are written, but have been slacking terribly lately!  Still not quite done, but very close!  I’m also listening to the audiobook “You: The Owner’s Manual” by Oz and Roisen.  That’s been fun to listen to and then I get my copy of the book out and write down the notes that I want to remember – the amounts of vitamins I should be taking, etc.

And tonight I spent my “free” night at home in the movie theatre!  It’s the Rochester International Film Festival at the Wehrenberg and a friend called and said she wanted to go, so we went!  And we stayed for a second movie!  I’ve never done that before, although I’ve really wanted to, so I can cross that off my list!  The first film was “Upperdog” from Norway and it was so good.  Just heart-breaking and happy.  About children adopted from Asia into Norway and being separated, and the adults that they become.  A beautiful story.  The second movie was “Small Crime” from Greece, and it was a comedy about a police officer who wanted to move to the big city and be a cop there, but ends up staying in his small town.  It was a hoot, especially because the theatre was filled with the Rochester Greek contingent!  They were laughing hysterically at the movie and it was a joy to be in the crowd with them!

A great start to the week!

And now, off to read!

What do you think about that?

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