A beautiful walk around Silver Lake today for the Rochester Walkie Talkies!  It was mostly a Talkie about things other than “The Glass Castle,” but a little discussion was held.  I just finished the book and am still processing my anger at the parents.  One of the discussion questions below is about her ability to be nonjudgmental about her parents.  Wow! that’s hard for me.  I do have empathy for them – the addiction, the mental illness – and am amazed that the children turned out at all, but I still am mad.  As I said while walking, I didn’t find the book to be depressing at all and I could even compare it to “Angela’s Ashes,” although I LOVED “Angela’s Ashes.”  Frank McCourt was a true character and his voice in that story is so interesting.  Less “matter of fact” and more “colorful.”

Was it as hard for everyone else (!) to be nonjudgmental about the laissez faire way of parenting they practiced?  Is it really laissez faire?

Anyhoo… must read a bit before bed, but wanted to get my Monday night blog in!
Off to read!

What do you think about that?

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