I added links to my page with some of the blogs that I “subscribe” to. I only included BOOK blogs, although I do subscribe to others that I really enjoy. Maybe that’ll be another list sometime.

I feel like I’m kind of hodge-podgey in my subscriptions to blogs – whether or not I’m “following” via google, “subscribing” via email, anonymously stalking… I’m not sure why. It’s very random, based on how I am feeling at the time. Most of the blogs were found when I signed up for a challenge – I checked out all the other blogs that signed up for the challenge and subscribe to those (through blogger) that I felt had the most interesting blogs or the most similar tastes to me.

I went back to using blogger after my utter frustration with wordpress subscription’s slooooooooooooow loading. Also, blogger is the feeder for the reader app I use on the iPad. SO I moved “booky” blogs over to wordpress and back again. This summer I check the reader twice a day, reading (or skimming) about 20-30 new blog entries at each time. I star those that I want to read more thoroughly or whose books I want to add to goodreads TBR.

So, tell me about your blog reading? How do you keep up? How long do you give a blog before you “unsubscribe”? What reader do you use, or do you read via email?

Do you have any suggestions for more great blogs for me? I’m always open to a few more!!!

Off to read!

What do you think about that?

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