A movie I do NOT want to see

The Life of Pi

On the other hand, I think this is a movie that I would not want to see.  It is so vivid in my mind and I don’t want it adapted to the big screen.  How would they do it???  It boggles my mind.  So, I’m guessing that it does somehow make it into a queue of mine someday – out of curiosity.

One thought on “A movie I do NOT want to see

  1. Reblogged this on WalkieTalkieBookClub and commented:

    I think this is pretty funny… two years ago I blogged about The Life of Pi as “a movie I do NOT want to see.” I think that if it hadn’t gotten such grand reviews (from movie and book lovers alike) I wouldn’t have seen it in the theatre. But it was grand. And worth seeing. Any books made into movies you would NEVER want to see?

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