Sense of Adventure: What would you attempt to do if…

I’ve seen this on paperweights and wall hangings and t-shirts.  It’s an important question and one that I ask myself.  But what is failure?

  • Getting rejected or turned down? I think I’ve gotten pretty good at rolling with that, and it’s no longer what stops me from trying something.
  • Not doing something perfectly? I’ve always been something of a perfectionist, so sometimes it is easier to not try than to do it imperfectly. But I’m getting better at that, too.
  • Financially failing? I have lived well, but living within my means has never been easy.  And failing financially is a big fear that I have.  Stability and constancy has always been important. Knowing my income and where it was coming from.  But do I feel like a failure now, that I have nothing stable going on?  Not really… maybe it’s different when it’s through no fault.  Or maybe losing a home to a natural disaster gives you even more perspective about what is really important – relationships and not things.
  • I think losing relationships would be the most devastating form of failure to endure. But I wouldn’t attempt to do anything that would impair relationships, so it shouldn’t take away from a sense of adventure.

So if I knew I could not fail, what I would I attempt? I’ll keep thinking on that, and hope that you do, too!

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2 thoughts on “Sense of Adventure: What would you attempt to do if…

  1. That is an absolutely amazing question which I actually never asked myself… wow…
    Now I will sure keep thinking on that too…. Thanks for posting it.

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