Sense of Direction: Clear Purpose

Juice Shaving Soap
Shaving soap may change my life. Image by savor_soaps via Flickr

I didn’t get my Friday post written until today.  Fridays are always such busy days!  And Thursday was a busy day as well, with Cosmo Girls in the evening! Cosmo Girls was a great amount of fun, with almost all of us in attendance, and an amazing woman teaching us about natural soaps and skin care!  We got to make our own sugar scrub and got a bar of shaving soap.  Amazing!  It think it may change my life! Ha!  But she was an amazing woman with an amazing story.

She was diagnosed with leukemia 16 years ago and given a 17% chance of surviving five years (long story short) and to deal with the reactions her skin was having to her treatments, she was given a bar of pure soap which gave her comfort.  She decided to make her own soap and her friends encouraged her to pursue it as a business.  She waited until her cancer was in remission and she outlived their expectations and then she went for it.  That was ten years ago and today her business is booming.

What an inspirational story of someone who is passionate about what she is doing.  With a clear purpose and personal fulfillment in her business.  It’s so fun to learn from amazing women!

What do you think about that?

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