40 Things (19)

Cover of "Lord of the Flies, Educational ...
Cover of Lord of the Flies, Educational Edition

Following along with Boof‘s 40 Day Challenge leading up to her 40th birthday, her 19th topic is:

19) A book that scared me

Almost halfway there!  🙂

Not sure of the difference between being scared and being creeped out.  I don’t like either one and tend to avoid books (and movies and TV shows and amusement park attractions.. etc.) that make me feel either way.  I talked in a post about “Amityville Horror” (creepy and scary), which I read as an adolescent.  I recently (within the last five years?) listened to “Lord of the Flies” on audio.  It was very disturbing.  I remember I had to stop listening on my way to work and listen to some upbeat music to get some images out of my hear before facing my day.  I guess that’s pretty scary.

#19 on my list of things to do was to “Save money for trips.”  Ah, the constant battle to save money.  I did go on some trips – the wonderful trip to NYC with Deadra to celebrate our 40ths in August of 2008, and Las Vegas with my daughter to see the Spice Girls in December of 2007.  Maybe more, but that’s all I can think of right now.  That flood kind of was a set-back in the realm of money saving, so trips that I take tend to be economical.  No lavish spending on a European tour for me (yet!).  I love to travel, I just have a hard time saving my money!

Off to read!

What do you think about that?

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