40 Things (20)

Following along with Boof‘s 40 Day Challenge leading up to her 40th birthday, day 20!  Wow!  Her topic is:

20) A book with a character most like me

This is hard!  Maybe someone more impartial has great ideas for me, but I looked through my list of books and cannot think of one that makes sense.  I liked Katie Fforde‘s “Love Letters,” because it was about a woman who loves books and is hired to organize a huge book event (and to try to get the handsome, reclusive Irish writer to show up).  Is Laura like me?  In some ways. Did I think of this book because it’s something I would love to be doing (organizing book events and meeting reclusive Irish writers)?  Probably.

#20 on my list of things to do before I turned 40 was: Clean the basement – give away, declutter!

Well, I crossed this one off the list when the flood came!  My basement was filled with books, photos, decorations, old toys, and souvenirs.  When the flood came two tubs were salvaged from the basement (as well as the laundry basket of towels I went downstairs to retrieve before we evacuated that night) – one filled with old t-shirts and one filled with my old Barbies.  Everything else was scooped out by a skid loader and put into a dumpster.  I try not to think about the individual things that were lost, but there have been times that I have given in to the emotions.  My first Christmas in my new home, I really missed my old Christmas decorations and all the glitzy, glittery, gaudy things I chose the year before from the donated baubles seemed absolutely awful, especially on the small, free Christmas tree that was donated to me.  I had a pity party for a few days and then I decided to shop after Christmas for a new tree befitting my new abode and embraced the beauty in the glitter that was given to me.

December 2009 - new tree, glittery baubles

I still have all those baubles on my new tall and skinny tree.  I also am a lot more picky about what I keep.  It is easier to get rid of clutter.  The flood brought perspective on what is truly important, and it can’t be kept in a box in the basement.

Off to read!

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