I am Danette and I love color.

When I moved into my town home I told myself that I would try to choose neutral colored furnishings because I used to have a purple couch and a bold colored chair in my living room and a red couch and beautiful yellow walls in my new addition and poppy colored walls in my bedroom and orange walls in my bathroom and purple painted cupboards with grapes for handles and sage green walls in my kitchen.

It was a riot of color. And I loved it!

So why did I think suddenly I would be attracted to neutrals.

I tried. Really.

I found a dark brown and stone colored sofa that I could have lived with.

This was the couch, or something close to it.

But then I found this:



Who can resist this soft and comfy pink striped couch?  Not me!  I had to have it.

And then I found this roasted pepper color, which matched the pillows on the couch.  Trust me.  It’s perfect.







And then I loved this Cheery Cherry color for my upstairs “library” and my family adored me for choosing such a fun and cheery color to paint on my big tall stairway!  It took a few coats to cover, thanks to the (wrong) advice given to me by the Lowe’s guy regarding priming the white walls.  Oh well.  It looks great now.





Can you see the pink and green clock in the above pic?  Love it.


And I had such fun shopping for lamps at Kismet and Refurnish – no matching sets for this girl!  Just good pink and gold fun!



And then when in NYC I picked out this lovely Coach bag – no neutral color for me!  Go Big and Bold or Go Home!  May become my new motto.  20121013-114755.jpg

I just can’t do neutrals.

I am going to repaint my upstairs bathroom, because it has a pale yellow color on the walls and it really drives me nuts.  Just not bold enough.  So I’m looking for a good pigment.  It will be a fun winter project.

Ideas welcome, just don’t say “beige”!


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