May 5 was the Kentucky Derby, and my friend (and fellow Walkie Talkie), Sarah, hosted her 3rd annual Derby party!  This year was a bonus event, as it turned into a Cinco de Mayo party, as well.  Cinco de Mayo is always fun to celebrate with my friend, Beth, so we made plans to attend the Cinco de Mayo Derby party together!  And there were stories…

First, the horse race is such fun!  Sarah informs us about the horses and the odds and the jockeys and the owners. I downloaded the iPad app for the Kentucky Derby and could read about the horses and the odds and the jockeys and the owners.  You can even place bets, if desired!  We placed bets at Sarah’s – shouting out the horses we wanted to bet upon – and the two minutes of the race are so exciting!  I chose two horses, because there weren’t enough of us to take all the horses.

Cover of "Daddy Long Legs"
Cover of Daddy Long Legs

I chose Daddy Long Legs (in honor of Fred Astaire), and he was disqualified, and I also chose Dullahan, and he came in 3rd!  I’ll Have Another came in first, and the host’s husband, Bennie, chose him.  More about Bennie later… Beth chose the 2nd place horse – Bodemeister.  We cheered, screamed, watched the replay, and then stopped drinking our Mint Juleps and moved on to Margaritas and Sangria!

We kept the hats on, because the hat-hair would have been horrendous!

Thankfully the rain cleared and we were able to move outside to enjoy some spring weather.  We had tacos and Sangria, there was a pinata filled with candy, and a firepit to sit around while enjoying all of the above.  We saw fireballs in the sky (yes, I read about them later!  It wasn’t fireworks that I saw after all!) and got a glimpse of the Super Moon later in the evening.  And we laughed.

We laughed at stories about the neighbors, about Super Bennie who is called upon to do the strangest things and goes without any questions, about the pizza and pineapple that were given as thanks for the help that Bennie gave, and it was a great time.

Can’t wait until next year.

Off to read!

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