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Cover of "The Position: A Novel"
Cover of The Position: A Novel

Tonight Sarah and I mall walked and did a little planning of “what’s next.”  She’s reading “True Grit” and then going to see the movie.  She’s enjoying the book, so that will be on my TBR list.  She’s also working on “The Magicians.”  Then we’re going to read “The One,” and “Plain Truth.”  I’m gonna jump into “The Summer We Read Gatsby” and am listening to “Every Last One.” Then I’ll read “Plain Truth.”  Oh, it’s so fun to plan and dream about all the books we will read!

This morning I finished “The Position” by Meg Wolitzer.  It was ok.  Don’t know what else to say about it.  It’s about a couple who write a sex book in the 70s and how it affects their four children.  Then (as 10-17 year olds) and now (as adults).  It also is about the relationship of the couple and how it changed.  I’m not gonna recommend it to anyone, but I have a copy if anyone is interested!  🙂

Well, off to read!

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