I Couldn’t Resist Temptation…


I joined Audible.com today!

The last audiobook I reserved at the library turned out to be 30 hours long with 30 discs and a 2 week check-out time.  I brought it back without opening it, as I didn’t want to import all the discs and I knew I wouldn’t have time to get it done.  My TBR list never gets smaller, so I thought I could maybe knock off one book per month this way.  I miss listening to books, so it will now be more intentional!

First book I downloaded was the one I returned to the library – “11.22.63” by Stephen King!  I have heard good things about it, and so far so good!

Yay books!


Just read about "11/22/63" in Wired,...

Do you have favorite audiobooks?  It is audiobook month, after all – let’s discuss!

4 thoughts on “I Couldn’t Resist Temptation…

  1. The audio-books for Star Wars are actually really well done with sound FX and music to enhance the mood. I listen to them while I do the dishes. But then, I’m a big geek.

    Terry Prachett is another favorite in audio-book form because all the notes are integrated into the main text.

    1. I don’t read much in the fantasy genre so haven’t read or listened to either the Star Wars books or Pratchett books. I have enjoyed some audioboks that included sound effects – I think I listened to a Sherlock Holmes book and a Wooster and Jeeves book which had sound effects. Also a memorable version of The Glass Menagerie done in the play format (ala radio play).

      Good stuff, audiobooks!

  2. King is truly a master storyteller. It has been a long time since I have read one of his novels – but I was instantly reminded why I have always loved his books. The characters leap from the pages, fully formed and believable. Despite this being a time-travel book, something which is clearly outside reality, I found myself firmly believing the premise. And this is what King does best – he engages his audience, takes them places where they might not travel themselves, and convinces them this could happen.

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