I Couldn’t Resist Temptation…


I joined Audible.com today!

The last audiobook I reserved at the library turned out to be 30 hours long with 30 discs and a 2 week check-out time.  I brought it back without opening it, as I didn’t want to import all the discs and I knew I wouldn’t have time to get it done.  My TBR list never gets smaller, so I thought I could maybe knock off one book per month this way.  I miss listening to books, so it will now be more intentional!

First book I downloaded was the one I returned to the library – “11.22.63” by Stephen King!  I have heard good things about it, and so far so good!

Yay books!


Just read about "11/22/63" in Wired,...

Do you have favorite audiobooks?  It is audiobook month, after all – let’s discuss!

Books: Is Anybody Out There?

Cover of "Anybody Out There?: A Novel"
Cover of Anybody Out There?: A Novel

Anybody Out There? (Walsh Family #4)” by Marian Keyes

Eh. I listened to this book and think it would have been better as a quick read. The format is told with a lot of email messages, so consequently, there is a lot of: “to: so-and-so@such-and-such.ie.net from:someoneelse@somewhereelse.com re: another topic”. Would have been faster to skim those bits and the flow would have been better. Also, I noticed that this is book #4 in a series about this family. I think it works as a stand-alone (I didn’t notice the series title til 3/4 through the book) but probably you get more emotional investment if you know the rest of the family as well.

The book’s primary character is Anna, who is Irish but lives in NYC.  “Something” happens, you know it does, but you don’t find out what “it” is until about halfway through the book (or so).  And I could have guessed, but it was kinda weird.  And then the search for answers, closure…

I like Marian Keyes all right but this is not a great audiobook.

Audiobook Week 2011!

It’s Audiobook Week, hosted by Devourer of Books (http://www.devourerofbooks.com/) and I couldn’t let the week go by without writing about my love of audiobooks!  (Although I’m SUPER-DUPER frustrated right now because for some reason WordPress is saving my document as BLANK!  Third time is the charm???  I’m learning and actually typing this into a word document so that I can save it and see if I can eventually publish it!  Yikes and Ugh!  Has this ever happened to anyone???)

As I say over and over again, I am currently listening to the Harry Potter series on audio and enjoying every minute of it (when I’m done I’ll have to figure out exactly how many minutes I spent listening!).  I cheated and didn’t listen to book 1, as I forgot what was book 1 and what was book 2 and so I started with book 2.  I’m currently on book 6 and really looking forward to book 7!  It has been some years, but I read all of the books before and some of them I remember more than others.  Listening has just brought them to a whole new level.  Jim Dale is an incredible narrator, providing voices for all the characters that are recognizable and not at all distracting.  What an incredible series.

I have been a commuter for 18 years, driving at least 30 miles one-way each day.  I have never minded commuting because I choose good stuff to listen to in my car.  I am totally unaware of top-40 music, but I am well-read!  I frequented the small-town library where I lived, and they had an extensive number of audiobooks so I read every book that I wanted to, and even some that I didn’t know I wanted to read.  I have listened to memoirs, thrillers, non-fiction, children and YA literature, and fiction.  When I bought my car in 2005 it only had a CD player, so I had a cassette player installed so that I could continue my habit!  Fortunately, books are now on CDs (and they were in 2005, too… just not as many!) and with the purchase of my iPod I also checked out digital audiobooks from the library system.  I live in a bigger city now and the library audiobook section is overwhelmingly large, so I often reserve a book I want to listen to rather than browse the many shelves.

Some of my favorite audiobooks include:

  • Diane Mott Davidson’s catering mysteries are always light and fun
  • Lillian Jackson Braun’s Cat Who… books are also always light and fun
  • Patricia Cornwell’s Kay Scarpetta series were unexpectedly interesting to me
  • Sue Grafton’s alphabet mysteries were also fun and interesting – Kinsey Milhone
  • Audrey Niffenegger’s books were good listens, although The Time Traveler’s Wife was difficult to follow with the dates and ages changing at the beginning of each chapter
  • Life of Pi was a beautiful listen
  • The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-time was fun to listen to because I felt like I was in the boy’s head
  • Same with Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close (although I missed the visuals that are in the print version, so I re-read that one)
  • Anything written and read by Bill Bryson is a good time – he’s witty with a dry humor
  • Ann Patchett’s Bel Canto was a beautiful book, beautifully read

The thing I love best about audiobooks is that it fulfills my wish to be immersed in a story at all times.  I can listen while cooking dinner, doing the dishes, mowing the lawn and vacuuming, exercising, and driving.  Someone complained to me recently that they dreaded the tedious drive down Broadway, but getting into the car is something I rarely dread.  Thankfully my commute never entails rush hour traffic, but I think with a good audiobook I could even abide stop-and-go traffic.

I remember things differently when I listen to them rather than read the print version.  When I listen to a book I remember fewer details – like names and dates – but I remember more about the visuals drawn by the author’s words and the feelings that are evoked by the story.  So listening to a book I’ve read or reading a book that I’ve listened to is never a bad thing.  Each provides a different experience.

What are your favorite audiobooks?  What’s the longest audiobook you’ve ever listened to?  Do you find you remember things differently by listening?

Well, off to read!