Forgot something!

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I am going to participate in a “book tour,” which means that on July 7 I will be posting a review of the book ‘The Promise of Provence” by Patricia Sands!  On July 9 I will randomly give away a digital copy of the book (or a $10 amazon gift card).  How cool is that?  I hope that I can get it together enough to do a virtual interview with the author, as well.  I love to find out how writers tick!  

I love books!  Woot!



3 thoughts on “Forgot something!

  1. great! I thought we had agreed on the ebook giveaway by the way [not the $10 gift card], let me know if you want to change. Also we did not talk about interview. I already have another blogger with interview for this author, and I think this is probably enough for a short tour. but looking forward to your review, as agreed upon.

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