Sense of Humor

Garfield (character)
Ah, Garfield. Image via Wikipedia

I love comics.  Since forever.  When I was younger, like 10 or so, I used to cut out the Garfield comics from the Sunday funnies and put them in a scrapbook (can you say nerd much?).  I thought he was the best – so sardonic and pessimistic.  And that dopey Odie.  And poor John.  Ah.  I would read all the comics but would only cut out Garfield, for some reason. (And have you seen the website Garfield Minus Garfield? – hilarious!)

The comics are still my favorite section of the newspaper and I get a comics newsletter sent to my email every day.  I’ve gone through Far Side phases and Calvin & Hobbes periods.  Recently I’ve found Pearls Before Swine to be pretty witty.  I’ve purchased calendars and datebooks only for the comics (love the New Yorker!).  My favorite cocktail napkins and party invites feature Dolly Mama.  I love smart comics and classic comics.  I still cut them out when they are super good or pertinent to something happening in life.

A sense of humor is pretty important to me, I guess, and I especially love it when it doesn’t come at anyone’s expense!

What’s your favorite comic?  Do you read them every day?

Off to read!

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