“One Day” by David Nicholls

Never Judge a Book by its Movie
Image by Enokson via Flickr

Read a big chunk in the book yesterday and then finished it up today.  I loved the premise – one day a year in their life – and I liked the characters.  I loved how it ended but I didn’t love some of the things that happened.  I don’t want to be **SPOILERY** so I am not going to say more than that.  I look forward to discussing it more with others who have read it!

I’m going to start a QUOTES page.  I love quotes and collecting them, and I think it will work to start a page and continually add to it!  So, send your favorite quotes about books or reading or the life of being a reader or a writer or even a quote from your favorite book my way!  Yay!

I’m not so sure I’m crazy about wordpress.  The blogging features I like.  I like the current design of the blog and the widgets available.  I don’t find it difficult to post, although it took some research to be able to incorporate graphics easily.  But I love to read my blog subscriptions and find it very easy with blogger, but through wordpress my blog subscriptions take FOREVER to load!  If they will at all!  (Yesterday and today they won’t.)  I moved all my blog subscriptions about books or writing over to wordpress, since it’s a booky blog, but that maybe wasn’t a great idea.  Hmm.

Any others experience the same frustration?  Ideas to lessen my frustration?

Do you have favorite quotes?  Send them my way!

Have you read “One Day”?  What do you think?

Does anyone else have OSCAR FEVER???  I’m ready and excited to watch!

Well, off to read!

2 thoughts on ““One Day” by David Nicholls

  1. We need to set up a time to walkie talkie about one day! Ps…I misplaced my phone on Friday night! I know it is someplace in my home but no idea where! Eek!

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