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My book club at work decided to read “The Girls from Ames” next, so let’s latch onto that for April!  It’s available in paperback April 6 through Amazon for $9.36, to be precise.  I also got “The Glass Castle” from the library, so I’ll try to read that in the next few weeks, too.  I also got some fluffy stuff at the library (“Chasing Harry Winston,” “Elegance,”) and a Richard Russo book – “Bridge of Sighs.”  Plenty to keep me busy.

I’m looking forward to getting together to walk and talk about “Friday Night Knitting Club” and “SLAM” – maybe an outside walk on one of these beautiful nights!  When????  🙂  Thursday night?  Monday 4/6?  Friday morning?  Thursday morning?

So as I’m watching “The Time Traveler’s Wife,” I’m wondering if there have been any movies that you feel live up to the books they were based upon.  Gunnar thought that “Harry Potter” movies are pretty true to the books, and I’d have to agree.  I, personally, don’t have a great memory so often the details that might bother others are not as bothersome to me.  I remember that after the movie “Forrest Gump” came out, I found the book it was based on and it was absolutely AWFUL!  Incredibly hard to believe they got one from the other.  I also remember seeing “The Color Purple” after reading the book and feeling so dismayed and also amazed at the differences.

What are your experiences with books into movies?

Well, off to read!

2 thoughts on “Books into Movies…

  1. The Girls from Ames sounds great to me! And..Glass Castle. I will probably review that as I read it a few years ago…

    As far as my book-movie experiences, I think “The Reader” was the best-by far- representation of the book in film form.
    I loved the book and loved the movie. The highly emotional elements of the book were not as emotional for me during the movie…yet the movie portrayed a new emotional element.

    I rarely watch a movie after I have read the book but in this case I was very happy that I did watch. It was such a beautiful, haunting, emotional, terrifying story. I was so happy that the movie actually enhanced instead of cheapen my literary experience!

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