It’s Wednesday already – so much for the goal of a Monday night post!  I guess it’s been a crazy week here, with choir schedule changing, a little girl’s birthday to celebrate, and a short-busy week at work!

I visited the library tonight and left with a pile of books, one of which is “The Glass Castle” by Jeannette Walls.  It was hard to find, as it’s a memoir and was in some obscure section on the 2nd floor – and then even though the computer said one was available, someone had to go in the back and find the one ready to be reshelved for me!  So I have it.  I also picked up a book by Richard Russo.  I’ve read two of his books and loved them both.  And a few others… hopefully I’ll read a lot during time off next week!

I guess we’d better pick a date to meet and discuss the “Friday Night” and “SLAM.”  I’m available this Monday (3/29) and the next.  I’ll actually be home early on 3/29, as I’m going to be in Rochester for a meeting at 3:00 that shouldn’t take too long.  What a treat!


Well, off to read!

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