Mid-May Melange’

It’s so cliche, but where does the time go?  Thought I’d do a quick update on what I’ve been up to.  I hope you will let me know what you’ve been up to, too!

Good stuff Great Gatsby
The Great Gatsby from Spineless Classics

What I’ve Been Reading:

Sick Girl by Amy Silverstein – we read this for group supervision at work and will be discussing it on Friday.  It is a powerful memoir about a young woman who quickly becomes sick and within 8 months has a heart transplant.  It was interesting to read about her relationships with her physicians, with her family, with her fiance/husband, and with her new heart.  She is angry and that’s not always easy to read, but it’s her story.

“Elizabeth the First Wife” by Lian Dolan – and on a lighter note, the second novel by my Satellite Sister, Lian. 🙂  Her debut novel, “Helen of Pasadena,” was a fun little book, but this one ramps up the smarts in a big way!  The story-within-a-story of All’s Fair, a book using Shakespearean philosophy to give modern advice for couples, is smart and fun.  The chemistry that Elizabeth has with the men in the book is well-written and the fleshed-out personalities of her family members round out the smarter-than-average fun read.  Good stuff.

What’ I’ve Been Watching: 

  • Got my Al Pacino fix by watching Frankie and Johnny on Instant Netflix and Scent of a Woman on DVD.  I love love love Frankie and Johnny… good stuff.
  • The Kentucky Derby was fun to watch at the 4th (?) Annual Party hosted by Sarah!  Orb was the big winner, and someone else at the party won the big money.  We had a good time wearing our hats, drinking mint juleps, and watching the spectacle around the one-minute race.  There was still snow on the ground  (May 4, 2013) but the air was warm, especially in front of the garage heater!
  • Finally got to watch a few of Gunnar’s baseball games in the sunshine!  April was a soggy and cold month, so they’ve been playing catch-up and we sat in the 90 degree weather on Tuesday and watched the games.  Felt good to have warm sunshine on my shoulders!
  • We went to The Great Gatsby in 3D on opening night (10pm show!)!  It was a good time and I will see it again in 2D.  It was a good time and the movie was beautiful and fun.  I love Luhrman movies and this didn’t disappoint.
  • Still faithful to Late Night with Jimmy Fallon and the Daily Show.
  • Anticipating some tears tonight with the series finale of The Office.

What I’ve been Celebrating :

  • A fun evening with the gals eating a Greek meal at Gary’s house.
  • A fun evening with the gals drinking margaritas and eating Qdoba deliciousness while celebrating Cinco de Mayo at Beth’s house.
  • A fun evening celebrating Sarah’s birthday at Cannon River Winery for a wine tasting.
  • A delicious dinner at Lynndon Bridge celebrating Mother’s Day with my mama.

I guess this is why time is going so fast!  It’s so full!  Love it!

What is keeping your life full?

Snapshot of a Sunday 4/7/13

Frankie and Johnny (1991 film)
Frankie and Johnny (1991 film) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I am thankful that I didn’t make a lot of plans for my weekend off.  I was so looking forward to having three days in a row off – Friday, Saturday AND Sunday! So when I woke Thursday morning feeling a little stuffy and scratchy and sniffly, I hoped it wasn’t true.  I bought salt refills for my Neti pot and hoped for the best.

Friday was a busy and fun-filled day, even though I was sneezing and sniffly all day and a true mess by 10:00 PM.  I went to PT (very little knee pain anymore!), got a relaxing facial leaving me looking positively dewy, and then went to happy hour for a Perfect Margarita followed by dinner at Whistle Binkies on the Lake with co-workers.  That is a good day off. 🙂  But I do apologize for being all sniffly at the end of the night – no one wants to be around that!

Yesterday brought a 4.5 hour work meeting on my day off.  It was fine, although, again I apologized to all for being all sniffly at the end of the meeting! Then I was on the couch, finally watching “The Intouchables” on DVD (yay! just as good the second time!) and then going to Zorba’s for a Greek dinner with Jennifer!  Flaming cheese and souvlaki – yummy!  And the soup… delicious!   Last night was the new episode of Smash on Saturday night!  It was fun to watch.  Oh, that scamp Jimmy.  It’s so predictable, but good fun.

Today I’ve been lying on the couch, watching movies, eating soup, and drinking water and a pot of hot tea.  Tomorrow will be better.  Right?

Cover of "Frankie & Johnny"
Cover of Frankie & Johnny

But in the mean time, Netflix has been keeping me company.  For some reason I have an itch to watch some old Al Pacino movies.  So I put “Scent of a Woman” at the top of my DVD queue and today watched “Frankie and Johnny” on Netflix Instant.  Good stuff!  Loved the movie in 1991 and love it still today!  Last week I recorded “Valley Girl” at mom and dad’s, and really think that I need to add that DVD to my collection!  Such a great movie… ah, Nic Cage before his fake-y teeth.  So dreamy. 🙂

Looking forward to:

  • Mad Men season starting tonight!
  • Cosmo Girls this Thursday – some fun adventures will be had!
  • Finishing “Gone with the Wind” – I’m over 600 pages!  It will happen!
  • and having this cold behind me!

Hope you have had a fun Sunday!