11.13.2017 – Prime Time

I never watch TV during prime time. Or at least Live TV during prime time.  I stream a lot of TV or watch recordings or on-demand TV. I’m sure that it is more the rule than the exception in 2017.  (Speaking of 2017, today’s date – all prime numbers – is the inspiration for this post!)

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One prime time show I am keeping up with – either on Hulu or my DVR – is This is Us.  I’m sure it needs no introduction, as it is much-watched.  I like the stories told in the present and in the past and think that it is pretty clever and well done.

Other Prime-Timey shows I have been watching are:

  • Speechless – about a family with a teenager with cerebral palsy who is nonverbal and uses a communication board. Minnie Driver plays the mother who advocates heartily for her son and drives her minivan like a maniac. It is pretty funny and cute.
  • Great News – about a mother who gets an internship at the the cable news program in New Jersey where her daughter works. I think it’s pretty hilarious and love the actors in it.
  • Younger  – about a divorced woman who is returning to the workforce and finding it unfriendly for her 40-year-old self, so she poses as a 25 year old and gets hired in the publishing business. Starring Sutton Foster (of Broadway fame) and on TVLand (or tvland.com, where I’ve been watching). I’m savoring the last few episodes of this season…
  • The Mindy Project – the final episode of her series, which moved to Hulu, airs tonight at midnight. This show is the reason I subscribed to Hulu, so I could keep watching it after it left TV. I won’t stay up to watch tonight but will catch it tomorrow!

As you can see, I lean towards the light and comedic. If Chris and I are watching TV together we watch a LOT of International House Hunters and Tiny House Hunters from our DVR – we watch a lot because they make a lot!  It’s fun to dream about living abroad and living even tinier than we are. We also love to laugh at the people who want an America Kitchen in their Vietnamese apartment or the walk-in closet and full-size appliances in their tiny house.

In the days leading up to Thanksgiving, I am looking for holiday themed movies and television shows on all of the streaming options. Tonight, it’s Home for the Holidays, the 1995 Holly Hunter movie about coming home for Thanksgiving.  I remember the year we discovered all the Thanksgiving episodes from Cheers – what a hoot.  Maybe this year I’ll look for all the Friends episodes! I do love a theme…

Do you have favorite Thanksgiving movies or television episodes?

And now, a list from Wikipedia of films set around Thanksgiving!  I think there are some to add to my queue!






  • Alien Abduction: Incident in Lake County (1998), a family is terrorized by extraterrestrial creatures while celebrating Thanksgiving
  • Blood Rage (1983), a psychopath goes on a homicidal rampage after the twin brother he framed for murder years earlier escapes on Thanksgiving
  • Boogeyman (2005), around Thanksgiving, a man is stalked by the entity that haunted his childhood
  • Home Movie (2008), home video footage documents a family’s descent into violence and madness; includes scenes of various holidays including Thanksgiving
  • Home Sweet Home (1981), an escaped mental patient embarks on a killing spree over Thanksgiving weekend
  • Intensity (1997), a young woman encounters a serial killer while visiting a friend’s family for Thanksgiving, then follows him to try and rescue a teenager he’s abducted
  • Kristy (2014), a college girl who is alone on campus over the Thanksgiving break is targeted by a group of outcasts
  • Thanksgiving (2006; short film), two couples are taken captive and tortured by a sadist during Thanksgiving dinner
  • Thanksgiving (2007; short film), an insane, turkey-obsessed pilgrim commits a series of random murders on Thanksgiving; directed by Eli Roth
  • ThanksKilling (2009), a group of students are hunted by a demonic turkey during Thanksgiving break
  • ThanksKilling 3, a 2012 film sequel to ThanksKilling
  • Thanxgiving, a 2006 film, directed by Bobby Ray Akers, Jr. about Spectre, a college film student, who takes his film crew to a deserted campground to finish his thesis film over Thanksgiving break



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