40 Things (9)

Institute of Arts
Image by tracktwentynine via Flickr

Following along with Boof’s 40 Day Challenge leading up to her 40th birthday and her next question is:

9) A favourite crime fiction book

It isn’t a genre I read often, but I have read some good ones.  On audio I have enjoyed Patricia Cornwell‘s novels about Kay Scarpetta, Diane Mott Davidson’s catering sleuth, and Sue Grafton‘s alphabet novels about Kinsey Milhone.  I remember staying up all night reading John Grisham‘s “The Firm” – I couldn’t sleep until it was done – and feeling just as compelled to read Dan Brown‘s “DaVinci Code.”

#9 on my list was to “go to the Minneapolis Art Institute,” which I did with Deadra and John in April of 2007!  I should make it a yearly pilgrimage, as there is always so much to see in a museum and I just love looking at art.

Off to read!

What do you think about that?

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